Tippmann X7 Paintball Gun Review

The all new Tippmann X7 paintball sniper is a state of the art marker, a cut above the competition. It has been equipped with the unique ‘FlexValve’ technology that has the potential to operate well below 300 PSI (pounds per square inch) for optimal air efficiency.

What this means is that it will be able to squeeze off around 1,400 shots from asingle 4500 PSI tank with near ridiculous ease. The Tippmann X7 is one of the very first ever electro pneumatic markers to provide a whole series of those highly coveted features that are so necessary for the serious paintball enthusiast. These upscale features also include both manual as well as electronic firing modes.

However, rapid fire does not have to come at the price of excellent accuracy since the X7 is a naturally accurate weapon and will remain so, regardless of how fast you shoot. It has superior air efficiency that allows far more shots between tank changes then most conventional paintball markers. Moreover, it also has the ability to utilize both compressed air or CO2 systems and the same can be seamlessly changed in the field as well. Let us check out its major pros and cons:

Low recoil characteristics

This is a .68 caliber marker that has been built around a ‘Spool Valve’ design. This set up makes for minimum recoil while shooting, so that you can shoot for hours at a time without losing your accuracy. Since the maker does not kick all that much, follow up shots are a veritable breeze.

Accuracy and silence

These are two main requirements for a good paintball marker. If it is not accurate enough, you will miss your shot and what is more, alert your target so that he will take preventive measures. Apart from that, noisy markers also make you a target for all the opponents in the vicinity. However, the X7 is less noisy and quite accurate as well.


More firepower

The hopper on the Tippmann X7 can easily hold up to 200 paintballs. This is due to Tippmann’s all new patented cyclone feed system. Here, the paddles effectively create a feed and firing rate of around 20 BPS.



No paintball gun can be said to be effective if it does not have a decent range. The X7 is certainly no slouch in this department and has an effective range of 150 feet.


Overall reliability

The true test of any paintball marker is its reliability. It has to shoot every time the trigger is pressed. If it cannot do that, than all the combat customization and the high claims of range and accuracy are just mere fluff in the wind. In a nutshell, the marker needs to fire each and every time you press the trigger, there has to be no exception to this rule. In this regard the X7 does not disappoint at all.

Modes of fire

The marker boasts of a three selector switch that can be used to fire in different modes. These include semi auto, full auto, full auto response and even three-shot bursts.
In terms of its disadvantages, the main drawback is the same that many other markers from Tippmann also suffer from. It’s a pretty heavy marker and if the arena involves a lot of springing and running around, you might be at a slight disadvantage over your competitors. However, this is more than offset by it’s the many advantages of the Tippmann X7.

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