SP Shocker RSX Paintball Gun Review

The SP Shocker RSX paintball gun is a great all-around gun. It’s really fun to just shoot with it, and at the same time, it also gets the job done. It comes with the standard RSX bolt system, a system that uses less pressure than normal. For you out there who know your paintball guns, you know that less pressure used equals better accuracy. It’s also really important to constantly maintain your marker, and it’s really easy to do maintenance on this marker.

Before getting into details, I can highly recommend this paintball marker. The SP Shocker RSX is extremely reliable and durable, and if you maintain it properly, it will last you a long time.  It’s also very light so it will never slow you down, in my experience, people prefer light guns and this one is definitely light, but at the end of the day it comes down to personal preference.


In my opinion, the reliability of this marker is one of its greatest upsides. I find reliability to be extremely important when choosing a marker; nobody would like to have their gun dysfunction during a game. The SP Shocker RSX was designed with durability and reliability in mind, it has worked out extremely well for players out there and that’s a part of why people love this gun. First of all, it’s extremely easy to maintain, there’s even no need to use tools for maintenance. The RSX bolt system is another reason why it’s so reliable. As it’s using less pressure to get the job done, the parts/material take less damage.


Again, it all comes down to the RSX bolt system. For accuracy, it’s extremely important that the marker uses as little pressure as possible. This does not only save you gas but provides great accuracy. The system only uses 170 PSI, which again, provides great accuracy, saves you gas and the inner parts takes less damage.


Composed of quality material and a very slim design, this marker looks very stylish and slim but don’t be fooled, it has great features and is extremely easy to use and maintain. Another key feature of the gun is its weight, at only 1.70 pounds, it’s very easy to carry it around a whole game without feeling tired on your arms. One thing is for sure; this gun will not slow you down.

To conclude, the SP Shocker RSX is very compact and reliable. It’s extremely lightweight and with the RSX bolt system, it’s also very accurate and reliable. If you plan to buy a marker and use it for a while, this is definitely a great choice.

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