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When someone is new to the paintballing scene the standard, and very sound, advice is to spend wisely; focusing on lower budget guns that do what they need to without breaking the bank. That’s fair enough for those who may only set foot in a paintball arena a couple of times every year, or anyone who isn’t sure when they first try it if the game is something they will enjoy long term.

So what about when you’ve got into paintballing and decided it is actually your thing? You’ve outgrown the budget priced, fairly basic gun you started out with, and it’s time for something new, a marker that will best suit the next stage of your paintball adventures as a seasoned and serious player, rather than a novice. What exactly should you be looking for when choosing a paintball gun to match this new status?

Logically a keen, experienced and committed paintballer will either already be able to, or really plan to start, playing more complex games than a beginner, casual or novice player. This means needing different things from your gun, and can be used as a decent guide to which features are important when deciding on an upgraded gun. Use the following themes to get a shortlist together from the many marker gun options available to choose from.  


High end gun considerations

  • Budget – There’s no need to break the bank, but expect to spend more than you did or would on an entry level gun. There are plenty around that cost thousands, but be wary of paying for unnecessary add-ons unless money really is no object. [If money is short, and having the very latest design isn’t important, try looking for higher end models that have been reduced when an upgrade is released.]
  • Speed – A paintballing expert’s gun should be fast, to both shoot and to load. Ideally it is versatile enough to offer various speed settings and switch between manual and electric. That is the perfect gun for players who enjoy different types of paintballing.
  • Hard wearing – Paintballing is a physical activity and the guns get dropped, they get wet, they may be used endlessly for hours, and this kind of punishing treatment means the gun needs to be well built and robust.
  • Repairable – Following on from the advice above, before you buy a gun check how easy it is to get it repaired if needs be, and how much it may cost. Some markers are known for being unreliable and either difficult or ridiculously expensive to repair. As a serious, high end player, being without a gun for long periods of time isn’t much fun.
  • Customizing options – A major difference between new and expert paintballers is their attitude to a gun’s features. Experience means you get to know what you like, and what works for you as a player. Being able to customize a gun is pretty important to most serious players.

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