Most Accurate Paintball Guns

When choosing a new paintball gun, accuracy is one of the main things to consider, as it can improve your game tremendously. Bear in mind that “the most accurate paintball gun” is subjective, different people will have a different opinion on which paintball guns have the best accuracy.

Before choosing your new gun, you should determine what kind of a player you are, mostly if you are a long or short range player.  Short-range markers are definitely the most popular, these guns are for short to medium range. As most games take place in a restricted area, the short-range markers will do just fine all over the playing field. They are also much more flexible compared to the long-range markers, which also tends to be much more expensive. The long-range markers, also called sniper paintball guns, works really well if you are playing on a larger field, where taking out enemies far away are no problems. These guns, as said before, tends to be more expensive and less flexible, but obviously a great choice if you’re more of a long-range player.

Improving Your Accuracy

As we all know by now, practice makes perfect. Regardless of your paintball gun choice, you will have to make sure to practice your aim in order to get the full advantage of an accurate paintball gun. A lot of paintball ranges allow their player to use the shooting range for practice, which I think you should definitely take advantage of, remember, practice makes perfect. Another important factor for accuracy is cleaning your gun. Paintball guns tend to lose their accuracy with age, however, with proper maintenance, you can keep the accuracy of the gun. Cleaning your gun every single time after usage is vital, proper lubrication of the gun will make sure that the different parts don’t dry out, which can cause that the gas leaks out, which will then decrease the velocity of your paintball. I will make sure to write a guide on how to clean your gun properly in the future.

My Top 3 Choices For Accuracy

The Empire Axe

This paintball gun is one of the most popular guns out there. The high quality of design, great features and a price which won’t break the bank is the perfect recipe for a great gun. Made by Empire, who is known for high-quality markers, and I will ensure you that this one is no exception. The Empire Axe uses less air to push the bolt, which results in the better accuracy for your you to enjoy.


Empire Paintball Dfender Market

This marker offers the latest technology and is affordable. With an extra long barrel, which boasts the accuracy, easy maintenance, comes with a self-calibrating loader speed sensor and a bit heavier than a usual marker (really up to personal preference, but for sure helps you to keep the gun steadier, which also improves accuracy).


Tippmann X7 Phenom Marker

This marker is beautiful and stylish, but don’t let that fool you, it’s also highly effective. In my opinion, it’s one of the best markers Tippmann has produced, with a low operating pressure, at 300 PSI definitely boosts its accuracy. The marker is highly customizable with a lightweight frame, this gun is extremely accurate on medium to long-range. Great for all kind of games types, highly reliable and one of my personal favorites. I will make sure to write a review of this gun as well.

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