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Most Accurate Paintball Guns

When choosing a new paintball gun, accuracy is one of the main things to consider, as it can improve your game tremendously. Bear in mind that “the most accurate paintball gun” is subjective, different people will have a different opinion on which paintball guns have the best accuracy.

Before choosing your new gun, you should determine what kind of a player you are, mostly if you are a long or short range player.  Short-range markers are definitely the most popular, these guns are for short to medium range. As most games take place in a restricted area, the short-range markers will do just fine all over the playing field. They are also much more flexible compared to the long-range markers, which also tends to be much more expensive. The long-range markers, also called sniper paintball guns, works really well if you are playing on a larger field, where taking out enemies far away are no problems. These guns, as said before, tends to be more expensive and less flexible, but obviously a great choice if you’re more of a long-range player.

Improving Your Accuracy

As we all know by now, practice makes perfect. Regardless of your paintball gun choice, you will have to make sure to practice your aim in order to get the full advantage of an accurate paintball gun. A lot of paintball ranges allow their player to use the shooting range for practice, which I think you should definitely take advantage of, remember, practice makes perfect. Another important factor for accuracy is cleaning your gun. Paintball guns tend to lose their accuracy with age, however, with proper maintenance, you can keep the accuracy of the gun. Cleaning your gun every single time after usage is vital, proper lubrication of the gun will make sure that the different parts don’t dry out, which can cause that the gas leaks out, which will then decrease the velocity of your paintball. I will make sure to write a guide on how to clean your gun properly in the future.

My Top 3 Choices For Accuracy

The Empire Axe

This paintball gun is one of the most popular guns out there. The high quality of design, great features and a price which won’t break the bank is the perfect recipe for a great gun. Made by Empire, who is known for high-quality markers, and I will ensure you that this one is no exception. The Empire Axe uses less air to push the bolt, which results in the better accuracy for your you to enjoy.


Empire Paintball Dfender Market

This marker offers the latest technology and is affordable. With an extra long barrel, which boasts the accuracy, easy maintenance, comes with a self-calibrating loader speed sensor and a bit heavier than a usual marker (really up to personal preference, but for sure helps you to keep the gun steadier, which also improves accuracy).


Tippmann X7 Phenom Marker

This marker is beautiful and stylish, but don’t let that fool you, it’s also highly effective. In my opinion, it’s one of the best markers Tippmann has produced, with a low operating pressure, at 300 PSI definitely boosts its accuracy. The marker is highly customizable with a lightweight frame, this gun is extremely accurate on medium to long-range. Great for all kind of games types, highly reliable and one of my personal favorites. I will make sure to write a review of this gun as well.

Best Paintball Masks

Things to consider when buying a mask

Money Value – Generally speaking, when buying paintball gear you usually get what you pay for. So if you are considering buying the cheapest mask out there to save money, think again. At the end of the day, you are looking for value, which in this case consists of two things: how long they will last you and how comfortable/functional your mask is. There is no point in buying the cheapest one out there because most likely the quality and the functionality of the mask won’t be too good, which leaves you buying a new mask very soon and so on. Yet, buying the most expensive one will neither guaranty you the best quality and functionality and again you are not getting value for your money. It’s all about finding the line where price meets quality/functionality. Further down I will present a few paintball masks, which I definitely think gets you value for the money spent.

Quality – As mentioned before, quality is very important in order to receive value for your money spent. However, it’s even more important that the mask actually protects you well and in the right places.

Functionality & Comfort – After all, it’s not too smart running around in a mask which doesn’t feel comfortable and lacks functionality. Some key functionalities to look out for when buying a paintball mask is field vision, weight, UV protection, and how easily you can breathe through them.

V-Force Grill

First of all, the design of this mask is just incredible, a very aggressive look. This lightweight mask is an excellent choice for speedball. Even though the very light and slim design it still offers quality protection, however, bare in mind that this is not a full paintball helmet so wearing extra protection for your hair and forehead is recommended. The high-quality foam inside the helmet is extremely comfortable and you can as well easily breath when wearing the mask. The lens’s anti-fog functionality works very well and it can easily be switched out as the rest of the individual parts of the mask.

Empire E-Flex

The Empire E-Flex mask is very well ventilated with a soft inside. It comes with a great dual layer thermal treated anti-fog lens with 270-degree vision, which is very easy to swap if needed. Thick and comfortable foam inside the helmet, which includes great protection for your ears. For you who haven’t been hit on the ears, trust me, it will happen and you better be prepared. This mask is an awesome all-around which fits all players.

DYE I4 Precision Thermal

The DYE I4 has a massive visor, which provides a great range of vision, the lens is also always clear thanks to the anti-fog system. You can switch the lens very easily if needed thanks to the easy lens removal system. Bear in mind that the new model DYE I5 was released not too long ago, but to be honest the DYE I4 works just as good for a lower cost. You can truly customize this helmet the way you wish, to make it extra unique. The ventilation is great, and the overall quality and build of this mask are just amazing, I can highly recommend this one!

Best Paintball Sniper Rifle

In many ways, a paintball sniper is roughly akin to the real deal, in the sense that it also requires accuracy, precision, as well as overall ease of handling that is of such crucial importance in a rifle. This is precisely why many, if not most paintball enthusiasts also need a paintball sniper rifle that handles as like the real thing as it can in the sense that it also provides the same expert marksmanship qualities of its real world counterpart.

At the same time, high endpaintball sniper rifles also have to be small and maneuverable enough to be able to enable their owners to find their way around a veritable assortment of obstacles in a staged arena. This is why paintball players also need to repose a whole lot of trust in their paintball rifles as well as accessories.

Any misfires, failure to load (FTL) or failure to fire (FTF) can easily mar an otherwise really good game. Moreover, the stellar paintball rifle has to have certain qualities without which it cannot perform to the optimum. These qualities include the following:


The accuracy of the rifle

No rifle, whether paintball or its real world counterpart, is worth the metal it has been made with if it turns out to be woefully inaccurate. The whole purpose of the game is defeated, if the POI (point of impact) of the paintball is completely different from the rifle’s POA (point of aim).

The overall range

While accuracy is by far and large, the single highest priority, but nevertheless the range (shooting distance)will come up to be a pretty close second, in this regard. If the rifle is inherently accurate, but nevertheless does not reach out for a longer distance then it will not be able to have all that much of an impact in the arena. This is because the closer you get to your opponent the easier will it be for them to ‘tag’ you as well.

Since the whole purpose of acquiring a sniper paintball rifle is to increase the range, it will defeat the very purpose, due to which it has been purchased, in the first place. Apart from that, there is ease of use, comfort, handling features and various other features that separate a top quality paintball rifle from its contemporaries. Let us check a few rifles and see which one will best serve your tactical purposes.


The Tippmann A5 Sniper

The main feature of the Tippermann A5 is the fact that it is inherently reliable, right out of the box. That is, it does not require any finetuning or tweaking to function flawlessly in terms of doing what a sniper rifle should. And that is shoot every time the trigger is pulled. Apart from that, the 20 inch barrel makes for inherent accuracy as well as long range. Lastly, it is easy to disassemble and clean. All of the above combine to make it a ‘must have’ rifle for the true paintball enthusiast.

The US Army ‘Project Salvo’ Paintball Marker

If ‘silent and deadly’ is your style of warfare then look no further than US Army ‘Project Salvo’ Paintball Marker 3 skull set. Apart from its low noise operation (you can sneak up and mark them long before they even know you are there) it also has a 6 point R15-style 6-position folding and collapsible stock to adjust every player’s different body posture. Any paintball aficionado would love to get their hands on this number.

Best HPA CO2 Paintball Tank

It does not matter if you are a diehard paintball fan or a relative newbie, on your very first trip to the arena. Even if you have fully accessorized yourself with all the coolest gizmos and protective gear around and have bought a really expensive paintball sniper rifle, your preparations will nevertheless not be complete, until and unless you vector in one of the most important paintball accessories. And that is the ubiquitous ‘paintball tank.’

Always remember that without a really good tank, your overall playing time in the field will quite likely be severely limited. This is why it is imperative that you purchase a paintball tank that is able to fit your own highly specific needs. However, for the novice, it is a particularly hard decision to choose that ‘just right’ tank. Let us see what kind of paintball tanks are available in the market today and juxtapose their various capabilities.

Ninja SL 50/4500 Black Red paintball tank

As far as value for money goes the Ninja SL 50/4500 Black Red paintball tank certainly gives the most ‘bang for the buck’. Apart from the fact that it is a highly durable tank (and yes, you will definitely require durability while running around in the field when stuff might get dropped all the time) the tank also does an absolutely fantastic job of regulating the air pressure that allows for a seamless loading and firing experience.

Another great aspect of this tank is that it is very light. Something you will definitely grow to appreciate after a hard day in the paintball field. The main reason for its durability and light weight is the fact that it is made from carbon fiber. This makes it both rugged and durable at the same time, and it can certainly handle whatever abuse you throw at it during a fast and furious gaming session. This tank is a definite ‘must’ for any serious paintball fan. And as a bonus it comes in a variety of colors that it will be easy to find one that goes with your paintball gun. Apart from that, this tank will take a lot of abuse without showing signs of wear. If you are looking to get into serious paintball play, then this tank will help you no end, thanks to its 3.5 pound weight and absolute reliability in the field.

Ninja SL 77/4500 Black Green paintball tank

The Ninja SL 77/4500 Black Green paintball tank is one big monster of a tank. But it is far larger than most of its contemporaries and weighs in at a mere 2.4 pounds overall. And just like other Ninja paintball tanks, it is also super durable as well, thanks to its unique carbon fiber construction, while being light enough to be carried ‘in combat.’ The tank is large enough to hold its own even during long competitions and tournaments and thereby reduces the need for lugging an extra tank all day long.
As far as tanks go, the above two have gotten the bases covered for everyone, from newbies to the hard core aficionados of the sport.

Professional Paintball Guns

When someone is new to the paintballing scene the standard, and very sound, advice is to spend wisely; focusing on lower budget guns that do what they need to without breaking the bank. That’s fair enough for those who may only set foot in a paintball arena a couple of times every year, or anyone who isn’t sure when they first try it if the game is something they will enjoy long term.

So what about when you’ve got into paintballing and decided it is actually your thing? You’ve outgrown the budget priced, fairly basic gun you started out with, and it’s time for something new, a marker that will best suit the next stage of your paintball adventures as a seasoned and serious player, rather than a novice. What exactly should you be looking for when choosing a paintball gun to match this new status?

Logically a keen, experienced and committed paintballer will either already be able to, or really plan to start, playing more complex games than a beginner, casual or novice player. This means needing different things from your gun, and can be used as a decent guide to which features are important when deciding on an upgraded gun. Use the following themes to get a shortlist together from the many marker gun options available to choose from.  


High end gun considerations

  • Budget – There’s no need to break the bank, but expect to spend more than you did or would on an entry level gun. There are plenty around that cost thousands, but be wary of paying for unnecessary add-ons unless money really is no object. [If money is short, and having the very latest design isn’t important, try looking for higher end models that have been reduced when an upgrade is released.]
  • Speed – A paintballing expert’s gun should be fast, to both shoot and to load. Ideally it is versatile enough to offer various speed settings and switch between manual and electric. That is the perfect gun for players who enjoy different types of paintballing.
  • Hard wearing – Paintballing is a physical activity and the guns get dropped, they get wet, they may be used endlessly for hours, and this kind of punishing treatment means the gun needs to be well built and robust.
  • Repairable – Following on from the advice above, before you buy a gun check how easy it is to get it repaired if needs be, and how much it may cost. Some markers are known for being unreliable and either difficult or ridiculously expensive to repair. As a serious, high end player, being without a gun for long periods of time isn’t much fun.
  • Customizing options – A major difference between new and expert paintballers is their attitude to a gun’s features. Experience means you get to know what you like, and what works for you as a player. Being able to customize a gun is pretty important to most serious players.

Beginner Paintball Guns

Although there are several pretty essential buys for new paintball players, like gloves, and a face or eye protector, choosing a gun will always be the trickiest to get right. Everything else is more about deciding which look or style appeals the most, while picking out a gun best suited to a beginner takes thought and research.

The best approach is to ask yourself a few important questions, and use the answers to narrow the option available the answers guide you to.


Where are you going to play paint ball?

Paintball fields fall into two broad categories when it comes to pressure sources; with some using Co2, and others preferring HPA. Find out which the venue you plan to play at uses to avoid a costly mistake. You could of course buy a gun which adapts to both but as a beginner that could be a financial risk.


What kind of budget do you have?

If possible, after factoring in the cost of the protective gear it’s worth splashing out what’s left of your budget to buy a paint ball gun that is slightly better than the cheapest available. It will probably last longer, and offer a couple of extras that will make the game more fun. Known brands like Tippmann, HK Army, Planet Eclipse, Luxe, and Shocker make better buys as they generally offer a decent guarantee, helpful support and legitimate parts if repairs are needed.


How often do you plan to play as a beginner?

If you are thinking of paintballing as a casual hobby, playing say just a few times a year, go for something at the low end of your budget. It makes sense to upgrade once you are sure an activity is for you. Some places let new players rent different guns for their first few visits- the perfect opportunity to try different weight guns and maybe find one you really like and want to buy. A bonus is that you can often rent really nice guns for just a few quid.

It’s worth starting off that way, even if you plan to play quite frequently, as again you are getting a good feel for the gun that best suits you. When you buy it will be a breeze, rather than a waste of money.


What kind of starter paintball games will you play?

Some guns are designed to be usable in most type of game, like woodsball or speedball, so bear flexibility in mind. Speed is also important, and older models tend to shoot more slowly. That may matter less if your games will be more about strategies and tactics than the rowdier, shoot anything that moves as fast as possible approach.

Overall then, the key points when choosing your first paintball gun is to firstly, take your time and shop around, and secondly, do enough research to have a very clear idea of what is both attractive to, and practical for, you.

Cheap Paintball Guns



Buying a cheap paintball gun vs expensive guns

Paintball guns are available in a wide price range, from dirt cheap to uber expensive, but is there really that much difference between budget and high end guns other than the price?

The answer is less straightforward than you may expect, as although there are some clear benefits to buying something more than the cheapest gun on offer, the top end markers don’t necessarily offer enough extra benefits to justify the cost.


The basics of a budget gun

If you are new to paintballing, don’t plan to play very often – or perhaps very seriously, or you simply don’t have very much to spend then a budget marker will do the job. It may be heavier than you’d like, require more muscle to operate it, come in one colour, or hold fewer rounds than more expensive models but it will work.

Some would argue that the basic, mechanical models are a good bet simply because their more simplistic design means there’s less chance of it going wrong, or needing to be repaired.

Do bear in mind that the very cheapest models may not be able to take any upgrading, so switching up will mean buying an entirely new gun.


What does paying more get you?

Higher end paintballing guns are designed to produce a much smoother shot, they are also more accurate, efficient and often easier to maintain. When it comes to design more expensive markers tend to be both lighter to carry and available in a wider variety of styles and colours.


Spend more for speed

The very nature of their design makes electric markers faster to use, but you need to buy a hopper than can keep up or it will be pointless.  They are quieter than traditional guns, and this combined with the extra speed are probably qualities more important to competitive, or very serious and committed paintballers, especially if their opponents are using that type of gun.


Top end extras

How does 1500 shots from one air tank sound? How about being able to choose between several different firing modes? Day and night use settings, wireless charging, and convenient AA type battery operation are three more of the fancy add-ons spending a lot more cash could buy a player.


The final word

There are definite advantages to anyone other than ultra casual players upping their spend on a paintball gun to reach past the super budget section, as more cash will buy you something more reliable, efficient, accurate and better looking. However, many of the features sported by the very high end models are more about fun and edge than necessity.

Unless you have an unlimited pot of money to spend, or an obsession with fancy gadgets, a mid-budget gun offers the best of both worlds. For uncommitted or very occasional players a budget gun will work just fine, although it may need to be replaced if you get more into the game.