Cheap Paintball Guns



Buying a cheap paintball gun vs expensive guns

Paintball guns are available in a wide price range, from dirt cheap to uber expensive, but is there really that much difference between budget and high end guns other than the price?

The answer is less straightforward than you may expect, as although there are some clear benefits to buying something more than the cheapest gun on offer, the top end markers don’t necessarily offer enough extra benefits to justify the cost.


The basics of a budget gun

If you are new to paintballing, don’t plan to play very often – or perhaps very seriously, or you simply don’t have very much to spend then a budget marker will do the job. It may be heavier than you’d like, require more muscle to operate it, come in one colour, or hold fewer rounds than more expensive models but it will work.

Some would argue that the basic, mechanical models are a good bet simply because their more simplistic design means there’s less chance of it going wrong, or needing to be repaired.

Do bear in mind that the very cheapest models may not be able to take any upgrading, so switching up will mean buying an entirely new gun.


What does paying more get you?

Higher end paintballing guns are designed to produce a much smoother shot, they are also more accurate, efficient and often easier to maintain. When it comes to design more expensive markers tend to be both lighter to carry and available in a wider variety of styles and colours.


Spend more for speed

The very nature of their design makes electric markers faster to use, but you need to buy a hopper than can keep up or it will be pointless.  They are quieter than traditional guns, and this combined with the extra speed are probably qualities more important to competitive, or very serious and committed paintballers, especially if their opponents are using that type of gun.


Top end extras

How does 1500 shots from one air tank sound? How about being able to choose between several different firing modes? Day and night use settings, wireless charging, and convenient AA type battery operation are three more of the fancy add-ons spending a lot more cash could buy a player.


The final word

There are definite advantages to anyone other than ultra casual players upping their spend on a paintball gun to reach past the super budget section, as more cash will buy you something more reliable, efficient, accurate and better looking. However, many of the features sported by the very high end models are more about fun and edge than necessity.

Unless you have an unlimited pot of money to spend, or an obsession with fancy gadgets, a mid-budget gun offers the best of both worlds. For uncommitted or very occasional players a budget gun will work just fine, although it may need to be replaced if you get more into the game.