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In many ways, a paintball sniper is roughly akin to the real deal, in the sense that it also requires accuracy, precision, as well as overall ease of handling that is of such crucial importance in a rifle. This is precisely why many, if not most paintball enthusiasts also need a paintball sniper rifle that handles as like the real thing as it can in the sense that it also provides the same expert marksmanship qualities of its real world counterpart.

At the same time, high endpaintball sniper rifles also have to be small and maneuverable enough to be able to enable their owners to find their way around a veritable assortment of obstacles in a staged arena. This is why paintball players also need to repose a whole lot of trust in their paintball rifles as well as accessories.

Any misfires, failure to load (FTL) or failure to fire (FTF) can easily mar an otherwise really good game. Moreover, the stellar paintball rifle has to have certain qualities without which it cannot perform to the optimum. These qualities include the following:


The accuracy of the rifle

No rifle, whether paintball or its real world counterpart, is worth the metal it has been made with if it turns out to be woefully inaccurate. The whole purpose of the game is defeated, if the POI (point of impact) of the paintball is completely different from the rifle’s POA (point of aim).

The overall range

While accuracy is by far and large, the single highest priority, but nevertheless the range (shooting distance)will come up to be a pretty close second, in this regard. If the rifle is inherently accurate, but nevertheless does not reach out for a longer distance then it will not be able to have all that much of an impact in the arena. This is because the closer you get to your opponent the easier will it be for them to ‘tag’ you as well.

Since the whole purpose of acquiring a sniper paintball rifle is to increase the range, it will defeat the very purpose, due to which it has been purchased, in the first place. Apart from that, there is ease of use, comfort, handling features and various other features that separate a top quality paintball rifle from its contemporaries. Let us check a few rifles and see which one will best serve your tactical purposes.


The Tippmann A5 Sniper

The main feature of the Tippermann A5 is the fact that it is inherently reliable, right out of the box. That is, it does not require any finetuning or tweaking to function flawlessly in terms of doing what a sniper rifle should. And that is shoot every time the trigger is pulled. Apart from that, the 20 inch barrel makes for inherent accuracy as well as long range. Lastly, it is easy to disassemble and clean. All of the above combine to make it a ‘must have’ rifle for the true paintball enthusiast.

The US Army ‘Project Salvo’ Paintball Marker

If ‘silent and deadly’ is your style of warfare then look no further than US Army ‘Project Salvo’ Paintball Marker 3 skull set. Apart from its low noise operation (you can sneak up and mark them long before they even know you are there) it also has a 6 point R15-style 6-position folding and collapsible stock to adjust every player’s different body posture. Any paintball aficionado would love to get their hands on this number.

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