Best Paintball Masks

Things to consider when buying a mask

Money Value – Generally speaking, when buying paintball gear you usually get what you pay for. So if you are considering buying the cheapest mask out there to save money, think again. At the end of the day, you are looking for value, which in this case consists of two things: how long they will last you and how comfortable/functional your mask is. There is no point in buying the cheapest one out there because most likely the quality and the functionality of the mask won’t be too good, which leaves you buying a new mask very soon and so on. Yet, buying the most expensive one will neither guaranty you the best quality and functionality and again you are not getting value for your money. It’s all about finding the line where price meets quality/functionality. Further down I will present a few paintball masks, which I definitely think gets you value for the money spent.

Quality – As mentioned before, quality is very important in order to receive value for your money spent. However, it’s even more important that the mask actually protects you well and in the right places.

Functionality & Comfort – After all, it’s not too smart running around in a mask which doesn’t feel comfortable and lacks functionality. Some key functionalities to look out for when buying a paintball mask is field vision, weight, UV protection, and how easily you can breathe through them.

V-Force Grill

First of all, the design of this mask is just incredible, a very aggressive look. This lightweight mask is an excellent choice for speedball. Even though the very light and slim design it still offers quality protection, however, bare in mind that this is not a full paintball helmet so wearing extra protection for your hair and forehead is recommended. The high-quality foam inside the helmet is extremely comfortable and you can as well easily breath when wearing the mask. The lens’s anti-fog functionality works very well and it can easily be switched out as the rest of the individual parts of the mask.

Empire E-Flex

The Empire E-Flex mask is very well ventilated with a soft inside. It comes with a great dual layer thermal treated anti-fog lens with 270-degree vision, which is very easy to swap if needed. Thick and comfortable foam inside the helmet, which includes great protection for your ears. For you who haven’t been hit on the ears, trust me, it will happen and you better be prepared. This mask is an awesome all-around which fits all players.

DYE I4 Precision Thermal

The DYE I4 has a massive visor, which provides a great range of vision, the lens is also always clear thanks to the anti-fog system. You can switch the lens very easily if needed thanks to the easy lens removal system. Bear in mind that the new model DYE I5 was released not too long ago, but to be honest the DYE I4 works just as good for a lower cost. You can truly customize this helmet the way you wish, to make it extra unique. The ventilation is great, and the overall quality and build of this mask are just amazing, I can highly recommend this one!

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