Beginner Paintball Guns

Although there are several pretty essential buys for new paintball players, like gloves, and a face or eye protector, choosing a gun will always be the trickiest to get right. Everything else is more about deciding which look or style appeals the most, while picking out a gun best suited to a beginner takes thought and research.

The best approach is to ask yourself a few important questions, and use the answers to narrow the option available the answers guide you to.


Where are you going to play paint ball?

Paintball fields fall into two broad categories when it comes to pressure sources; with some using Co2, and others preferring HPA. Find out which the venue you plan to play at uses to avoid a costly mistake. You could of course buy a gun which adapts to both but as a beginner that could be a financial risk.


What kind of budget do you have?

If possible, after factoring in the cost of the protective gear it’s worth splashing out what’s left of your budget to buy a paint ball gun that is slightly better than the cheapest available. It will probably last longer, and offer a couple of extras that will make the game more fun. Known brands like Tippmann, HK Army, Planet Eclipse, Luxe, and Shocker make better buys as they generally offer a decent guarantee, helpful support and legitimate parts if repairs are needed.


How often do you plan to play as a beginner?

If you are thinking of paintballing as a casual hobby, playing say just a few times a year, go for something at the low end of your budget. It makes sense to upgrade once you are sure an activity is for you. Some places let new players rent different guns for their first few visits- the perfect opportunity to try different weight guns and maybe find one you really like and want to buy. A bonus is that you can often rent really nice guns for just a few quid.

It’s worth starting off that way, even if you plan to play quite frequently, as again you are getting a good feel for the gun that best suits you. When you buy it will be a breeze, rather than a waste of money.


What kind of starter paintball games will you play?

Some guns are designed to be usable in most type of game, like woodsball or speedball, so bear flexibility in mind. Speed is also important, and older models tend to shoot more slowly. That may matter less if your games will be more about strategies and tactics than the rowdier, shoot anything that moves as fast as possible approach.

Overall then, the key points when choosing your first paintball gun is to firstly, take your time and shop around, and secondly, do enough research to have a very clear idea of what is both attractive to, and practical for, you.

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