Azodin Blitz 3 vs Azodin Blitz 2 (a full review)

I’m back for another review, this time comparing the Azodin Blitz 3 to its older generation, Azodin Blitz 2. Comparing these weapons, there were a few similarities but a lot of improvements as well, in my opinion.


ASA’s – Stayed the same.

Barrel – The barrels are pretty much the same, they machined it a slightly different way but at the end, they are really similar.

Eye covers – They look and feel pretty much the same, simple and great design in my opinion.



Feedneck – The feedneck on the Azodin Blitz 2 was a bit hard to operate in my opinion. It justed a “twist lock” which was very hard to deal with, first of all, it was kind of hard to get a good grip of it , which made it harder to clamp down. When you finally managed to get it down, it was equally hard to loosen it up. The Azodin Blitz 3 however, has a really good design to it. They went with a kind of adjustable style, it doesn’t have the “twist lock” which the Azodin Blitz 2 had. It does have an adjustable screw on the side, which is really easy to manage. I think this was a huge step forward and it got a lot easier to put the hopper in and tighten it up. A really easy system to use which makes the process a lot more efficient.

Body – They made the body a lot lighter on the generation 3 gun. A big step in the weight reduction which you really can feel when holding the gun. It became a much easier gun to maneuver compared to the older version.      

Frame – The Azodin Blitz 3 has a composite frame which makes it structurally strong with the weight benefit of the composite.

Trigger – The newer generation comes with a curved style trigger, which looks kind of like a “s”. Where as the older version has the flat style on the trigger. I do prefer the curved style, but it’s really up to each individual preferences as the different trigger styles doesn’t come with any competitive advantage.

Backs – The board setup is very similar, however, the button interface is a bit different. You have a couple of different firing modes with preset rates of fire for each firing mode. Bear in mind that you cannot adjust the rate of fire within the different firing modes, but they do all have different rates of fire presets.


A conclusion of the Azodin Blitz 3

I really like the new features of the gun. First of all, there was a huge improvement on the weight, it feels much more manageable. The feedback got a lot easier to deal with thanks the screw lock, you can tighten it a lot harder to makes sure that the hopper stays nice and firm. I haven’t had any problems with the trigger, it has been working just fine for me. Overall, great improvements and a great gun for a reasonable price.

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