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By Matt Wilson

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Picking the Best Paintball Gun in 2018

Along with protection for the face or eyes, chest, hands and other parts of the body the gun itself is an essential piece of equipment to enjoy paintballing. Making the right choice is pretty important to make sure you get the most out of each game played, but how can you be sure you are looking at the best paintball guns for you?

It can actually be a pretty easy decision to make, so long as you keep the following things in mind while sifting through the various makes and models on offer.

  1. Avoid paintball gun envy. Just because someone else has a really cool gun doesn’t mean it would work for you. Of course you can try it out and pick their brains about how it works for them, but it would be a mistake to just jump in and buy something just because it looks good.
  2. Consider your experience. If you are completely new to paintballing it’s crucial to spend time getting the feel for different guns, and perhaps to look at the cheaper end of the market in case you decide to pack in and don’t get much use out of it. More established players should already know what works for them, and what doesn’t.
  3. Research reviews and online guides from several sources to get a balanced opinion on different guns.
  4. If you prefer to do some real life sleuthing it’s worth asking players at a club for their opinions and suggestions.
  5. Decide on a budget. However much you have earmarked to spend, don’t forget the other gear you need, (and some that you just want). It’s easy to get carried away, but unless you have a lot of experience it’s worth keeping a check on the spending.
  6. How often do you plan to play paintball games? Casual players are generally better off starting with a mechanical gun. They are lower tech and have fewer parts; this makes them tougher, a bonus as paintballing guns can easily get damaged, and usually cheaper due to a more simple design.
  7. Competitive play is better with an electric gun, which has options for automatic semi-automatic firing. These are more expensive than mechanical guns, but not as expensive in general as they once were.
  8. If you are already committed to paintballing it’s worth looking at a gun you can customize as and when you want to.
  9. As gun repairs are pretty much a regular part of the paintballing scene a mass produced gun will make any foxes needed both faster and cheaper, as parts are easier to find.
  10. Always make time to hold a gun, make sure the weight is right for you and that it feels comfortable. Can you adjust the safety and pull the trigger easily?
  11. If buying online make sure all costs are accounted for; and when comparing prices make sure are like for like. Ads can be cleverly written to confuse buyers, and include hidden costs like postage.


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